Action GT-7

Diagnosis of the status of hay meadows within the SUDOE territory

Diagnosis of the status of hay meadows within the SUDOE territory


The seeds collected from meadows and crop fields should be processed for storage under ideal conditions to ensure their viability.

To identify the storage performance, germination tests will be performed in the SESIL laboratory under controlled storage conditions and uncontrolled environmental ones. Some of the species have special requirements due to their small size or for showing dormancies. In these instances, pre-treatment tests will be performed (priming, pilling and/or pelleting) in order to see their impact in the germination process. The influence of storage in different containers will also be evaluated during their distribution. The different specific composition of each PCI area will allow for the elaboration of keys to trace the origin of the different mixtures.

Bearing in mind that the species to be produced are not included in the Technical Norm on Control and Certification of forage crops,hey will be produced in the framework of the DIRECTIVE 2010/60/UE of the Commission of 30th August 2010 asPreservation Seed Mixturesby SESIL in Spain, INIAV in Portugal and CBNPMP in France. This legislative framework will be used to design containers and for branding and logo development, in collaboration with a company expert in brand creation, design and the market positioning of farming products. All the beneficiaries involved will inform about potential stakeholders.

Analysis of the performance in storage, pre-treatments and packaging materials of seeds and study of the marketing methods for seeds mixtures

Professional associations/ interprofessional associations, business associations of producers and manufacturers, universities and higher education centres, scientific/ technological parks and centres, institutes, laboratories and research centres, Regional Administration, Local Administration, National Parks, Regional Natural Parks

The target groups of these local seed mixtures are very numerous. Public administrations should lead by example and be the first ones to use these seed mixtures in their projects. Seed manufacturing and marketing companies will develop and start up the whole process and the state of art protocols will be made public and available to other European companies in the sector that are not participating in this project.

Administrations should explore all the possible certification and control means. The proposals resulting from this project will be a good start point. Research centres, undoubtedly, may be responsible for the optimization of the necessary tools to make this certification possible (GT5). On the other hand, the project seeks to open a new demand to benefit livestock farmers so that they can obtain extra yield through the sustainable management of their pastures, and conserving their high flora diversity.


Drafting of the seed cleaning and drying protocol.

 Report on the evaluation of different collection methods in meadows.

Drafting of the treatment protocol for seeds and packaging

Report on the influence of collection methods in the processing and composition of produced seed.

 Study of marketing methods of seed mixtures.

Survey findings report.

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