Action GT-2

Ex-situ conservation of seeds in Gene Banks

Ex-situ conservation of seeds in Gene Banks


This task force will focus on activities aimed at guaranteeing the availability of seeds in conservation banks of the main species of mesophile hay meadows in different populations. The activities shall include field work to collect seeds in the plots selected and identified in GT1 products, and conservation activities and characterization in gene banks.

This task force has the following objectives are:

icono-mariposa Adequate conservation of flora diversity in mesophile hay meadows through the implementation of conservation actions (ex situ) by centres devoted to wild flora conservation to guarantee the availability of genetic reserves satisfying the possible improvement needs of the aforementioned habitats in each of the working areas.

icono-mariposa To ensure in future the possibility to multiply different taxons and to generate seeds  in case their production in natural meadows still faces a decline.

icono-mariposa In the case of very rare species, to develop specific crops to produce seeds of those species on a large scale and to address future restoration of certain meadows in the areas where they have aready disappeared.

icono-mariposa To assess the feasibility and germination capacity of the wild species seeds that are part of the flora composition of flowery hay meadows (6510 and 6520 habitats).

Strategy and conservation plan  plan for the biodiversity of mesophile hay meadows in gene banks.

General Government Administration, institutes, laboratories and research centres, Regional Administration, National Parks, Regional Natural Parks.

The project partners will collaborate in locating the species populations whose characteristics have been identified in the GT1 and at times they will also collect material or, failing this, inform the teams specialized in the collection (UNIOVI e INIAV) at the prime moment of seed maturation about the target species. Links will be established with other seed conservation centres within the territory to request their collaboration. In any case, they will be informed about the benefits of having seeds from populations of species typical of flowery meadows which are poorly represented in the banks and in decline in the natural populations.


Fruit and seed collection from mesophile hay meadows in study zones and elaboration of a data base and cartography related to the characterization of hay meadows.

Characterization and conservation of seeds of species from mesophile meadows.

 Analysis of the conservation state in gene banks of flora from mesophile meadows and production of a report on the flora conservation state in flowery meadows in gene banks.

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